Custom Software Development Services

Custom Software Development

Our development expertise in banking and finance, healthcare, retail and telecommunications industry verticals combined with a broad technology portfolio allows us to deliver you the solution faster than other companies. When you know your business has outgrown off-the-shelf solutions and they are not flexible or sufficient enough, Om Infotech Consulting can deliver a software solution that would precisely match your requirements. Our business analysts will work with you to identify the problem areas and prepare all the required technical documentation for the development team, so you can be sure the end product is tailored to meet the specific requirements of your business with technology to match them.

New Product Development and Project Rescue Services

When time-to-market is critical and you are missing resources or expertise, Om Infotech Consulting immediately responds to your requests with a development plan that fully fits your requirements. Onsite project management resources are available to augment your project team and ensure the deadlines are met every time. We can take on your project at any stage in the development process, even when it means critical measures need to be taken in the project rescue process. See our skills set and technology expertise.

Re-design and Re-development Services

Get necessary improvements to your software and enhance it with new functionality without investing in new development. At Om Infotech we know how to work with legacy systems so that they gain in flexibility and speed and let you stay ahead of the competition. Add new features, migrate to new platforms, integrate with other software products, adopt friendly user interface, enhance performance – contact us and let us know what we can do for you.

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