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OM Infotech Solutionz has been registered in Nov 2006.The company is majorly into taking up projects and developing them as per the clients requirements. Project development, Customized products which will suffice the end user needs.

We help technology companies design, prototype, develop, and test next generation products. We are recognized as the leading consulting company in the storage, networking, and operating systems areas with a successful roster of several very challenging projects. Our goal is to get our clients to the finish line faster.

Companies from Silicon Valley start-ups to Fortune 500 giants entrust us with important, often critical pieces of their technology and product. We have helped these clients develop or test either key modules and/or complete products-taking Marketing Requirement Documents and translating them into architecture, design and then into shippable product.

We have state of the art infrastructure facilities, highly qualified and efficient resources who have good exposure to international standards and Development methodologies. We specialize in providing services and solutions in core Business software applications, strategic enterprise management, supply chain Solutions and development of financial applications in technologies and products from ERP, IBM, Java, J2EE, Microsoft and Business Intelligence.

As we are often working on sensitive pieces of technology, any successful and long term partnership requires that the client's IP is totally secure and does not mix with and is not exposed to that from other clients we have developed a comprehensive approach for this. Beyond this, successful delivery requires strong systematic processes, ability to mesh with the client's internal product teams, and regular, effective communications all of which are a major focus at OM Infotech Solutionz...


To Deliver Great value and best performance to clients
with technology innovations and software solutions


"Experience is very important to complete things in the desired way and quicker, We have extensive experience in creating software solutions "


" Infrastructure is the fundamental pillar for any company, We provide our working family with a positive ambiance and stress-free atmosphere to ensure high standards in work environment."

Cost Effective

" We are able to provide our services with best practices and reasonable prices by effective management of resources, As a result, We could achieve increased customer satisfaction. "